Our Services

International Business Support

Would you like to find new business partners, customers or projects in Europe? We focus on the industry and production but we are able to explore other areas as well. We love exploring indeed.

International Business Administration

Exemption certificates, temporary employment,  LIMOSA, issuing ZKO3, applying summary sheets OR International Contracts NEEDED? Let us know!

Sales Solutions for SMEs

Are you a small or medium-sized enterprise? Would you like to increase your turnover? Let us introduce you to the shopping network concept of CASHBACK WORLD. You will love it.

International PM Support

Do you have an international project and you are afraid of launching it? We are able to provide you an efficient project manager for the whole project or just an expert for a few days.

Work Abroad for Specialists

Are you an employee or a freelancer and you dream about taking up  a job in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium etc. Write down your profile and visit us!

Discounts for Shoppers

Everyone  does some daily shopping and tries to find discounts and great deals. Our card allows you to shop on the internet, in  shops or get original gift vouchers or eVouchers for your smart mobile devices. 

Coaching & Mentoring

We help technicians, project managers and owners of industrial companies to solve their problems and to grow. We cooperate with International Coach Federation and with Mendedy

Finding Technicians Worldwide

Are you looking for specialists such as fitters, mechanics, electricians, engineering designers, electrical engineers or programmers? Tell us exactly who you would like to get.

Language Support

Do you have an important meeting and need translations in German, English, Russian, Czech/Slovak? Or just help with your presentation?  

International Contacts for NGOs or Institutions

We succeed in arranging and developing contacts and partnerships among  schools, cultural institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Information System Kaskada

Are you a Czech company and are you looking for an ERP tool for your business? We are ready to present you our solution!

Would you like to cooperate with us?